Why go paperless?

Managing physical paperwork is expensive and exhaustive. Save time and money by utilizing digital documents and e-signatures. Neocase’s BPA (Business Process Automation) module comes equipped with the Adobe Sign connector. You'll find that this handy integration can help improve the employee experience in addition to cutting time on task and improving compliance. What's not to love? Let's explore some of the advantages of going digital with Neocase's Adobe Sign connector.

Get More Done! 📈

Thanks to Neocase's BPA module, HR processes can be automated to take on a lot of manual work. It includes a combination of smart forms, advanced workflows, triggers and notifications implemented by an easy to use, no-code UI. What does this mean for you? More time to focus on strategic initiatives and less time managing paperwork!

Improve Employee Experience 👨‍💼

Improving the employee experience is key to employee engagement. Integrating the Adobe Sign connector is one way to do just that! The ease and simplicity of the connector makes it any easy win for improving employee experience. 


Reduce Time on Task 🕒

When you lean into the capabilities of the Adobe Sign connector you'll find average turnaround times drop. Forget physical papers and wet signatures. This digital process makes managing paperwork quick and easy! 

Cut Costs 💰 

When you switch to paperless you can say goodbye to all the costs associated with managing physical documents such as paper, printing, postage, storage and misfiling. 

Maintain Legal Compliance 📑

Adobe Sign meets legal compliance standards in most countries which means you can rest easy knowing that these digital documents are legally-binding

Let's Get Digital!

Managing digital documents and eSignatures is a breeze compared to traditional methods. The Adobe Sign connector is just one example of Neocase's many BPA solutions. Whenever a process seems particularly long and tedious, consider how automation can help. You may be surprised by how easy life can be thanks to BPA. 

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