Catch the Replay: Get the Most out of Neocase Version 16 (US Version)

Watch now to learn all about the amazing new capabilities of Neocase Version 16!

Neocase HR V16 has launched and it's awesome new capabilities are helping companies go digital during a time when digitization is more critical than ever. 

In the face of the Pandemic we are all adjusting to the "new normal" and running into unexpected challenges every day. For HR this may mean that paper-based processes are ineffectual or perhaps there are increased communication difficulties.

Josh Bershin, Global Industry Analyst, shared that "if there’s anything we’ve learned from the Pandemic it’s that companies need digital platforms that help them quickly build 'workflow applications.'"

With that in mind, Neocase Version 16 is designed to accelerate HR transformation and improve the digital experience. There are 3 main pillars that support this transformation:

1. Improving Remote Employee Experience

2. Digitize & Automate HR Processes

3. Digitize HR Documents

Tune into our most recent webinar to learn how to implement the 3 pillars and explore the new capabilities of Neocase HR V16.

In addition to that, you'll hear feedback from our client, UCB. They are in the pharmaceutical industry, with over 7,500 employees across 30+ countries and recently upgraded to Version 16. Watch the webinar now to learn why they're loving the switch. Here's a quick snap shot of everything we'll cover:

  • Industry insights on the future of work and HR transformation
  • Review the 3 Pillar
  • Dive deep into the solution with some use cases
  • Hear feedback from UCB on why they love the upgrade to V16
  • Learn about our free audit offer
  • Interactive Q&A 

Here's the Replay:

👉 Watch the full video here 👈


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