How Neocase can prepare global companies to manage a crisis

HR Solutions for Global Companies

Neocase provides efficient and powerful HR technology that helped this global company with HR crisis management during the pandemic.


Purpose-Built HR Solutions for Global Companies

Global companies face complex challenges within their HR organizations. To be successful, they need a standard HR portal, streamlined processes, a way to set and measure SLAs, and a premier user experience.

Neocase is pleased to offer an HR service delivery solution that can help global companies save time, increase productivity, and improve employee engagement.


Take notes from one of our biggest clients, the Global Company. They’re a large financial institution headquartered in the U.S. with locations around the world spanning the Americas, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM.

They joined Neocase in 2018 and since then they’ve benefited from our adaptable and efficient solutions.

Before Neocase, the Global Company had no global tool that served as a centralized place to triage employee HR inquiries. PeopleSoft was being used for their HRIS system of record and they had 3 HR centers. Their knowledge base content was housed in different locations across their internal web pages.


They knew their employees deserved a premier employee experience. Even more important, they knew HR could focus more on strategic initiatives and transformation strategy if they didn’t have to spend so much time on manual processes. They were in need of an HR service delivery solution that could help manage all this and more, in one place.

Check out the full story here to learn more about how our customer was able to implement HR Transformation quickly and easily with the help of Neocase.