Collaborative Case Management – The Right Resource for Rapid Resolution

A great many people over the course of their careers have had cause to speak with human resources about issues and challenges with colleagues and managers.

These may range from simple disagreements that need to be arbitrated, to more complex cases requiring investigation such as of discrimination or sexual harassment. Any of these events, plus a great many more, require that HR professionals and managers create and track HR Service Requests, or cases. Collaborative Case Management tools found in HR Shared Services solutions provide the means to collect and process the multiple steps and inputs required to bring these cases to successful resolution.

HR Case Management frequently requires the involvement of several individuals whose expertise is needed to facilitate the processing and successful resolution of HR Service Requests. The Collaborative Case Management module of an HR Shared Services Center like Neocase HR enables the easy transfer of information necessary to process cases to the right resource at the right time within the lifecycle of the case. Cases nay be transferred via a variety of criteria such as workload, skill level, queue and recipient(s) – including team, agent, employee, HR business partner – or even subcontracted to an outside external service provider. These flexible transfer options enable the optimal resources to be applied to cases – increasing efficiency and case closure rates.

Aside from the case transfer capabilities, Neocase HR Collaborative Case Management tools include:

  • Secure integration of outside resource input into cases – while maintaining case ownership
  • Delegation flexibility – for case assignment, review, approval and other input
  • Creation & routing of sub-cases to perspective agents – for concurrent & efficient case work

HR Shared Services case management tools provide for effective and efficient incident routing, monitoring and tracking – for both the employees filing cases, and the managers and HR professionals handling and processing service requests. Sensitive personnel data is securely managed – even input integrated into cases from other HR management solutions may be imported, accessed and added to records all while employee privacy is maintained. Collaborative Case Management as part of an HR Shared Services Solution provides an organization with enhanced and more detailed personnel records and optimal processing efficiency.