Neocase HR Modules – the Lego’s of HR

Lego’s, the popular toy that gives children the ability to build almost anything their imagination can conjure up, providing an almost universal toy solution.

What if there was a similar system for HR – one that provided all the building blocks needed for a universal solution for HR Shared Services? Well, there is – it’s called Neocase HR.

Neocase HR delivers significant organizational efficiencies and effectiveness for HR Service Delivery – coupling best practices with today’s technology. The building blocks, or modules, of this innovative system combine to create a solution where the integrated pieces may be leveraged to create a powerful toolset for both the organization and its employees.

The tools to design, test, publish, analyze and optimize complex HR processes are established using the end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) module. The components of the BPM module combine to automate HR Service Delivery using a graphical process builder for user interfaces, a smart forms builder for HR forms, process activity tools for dashboard creation and development, reporting analysis for business insight and intel/solutions/solution-hr-power/ligence – all interconnected by a workflow engine and Neocase connectors – for optimal performance and ease-of-use.

Collaborative Case Management ensures that ongoing HR Service Requests are tracked and managed – from inception through resolution. Many requests are reviewed or processed over time as they are more complex and may take multiple steps to complete. The Collaborative Case Management module tracks where these are in the process, and keeps status at the fingertips of both HR professionals and the employees who files them.

The personalized Neocase HR Knowledge Base provides the productivity gains that a Shared Service Center sets out to achieve. Through advanced algorithms, the Knowledge Base delivers intuitive user-specific content through the Enterprise Portal including multi-media, graphics and HTML. The HR Enterprise Portal creates a highly personalized HR experience for each user – such that they see only content that is uniquely relevant to them. This content management system is built upon flexible architecture designed to integrate with existing systems and data – for optimal productivity, configurability and accessibility.

Business Intelligence and communication functionality are integrated into Neocase HR as well. Continually monitoring and improving the productivity and value of the HR Service Center through real-time dashboard displays and generating customizable performance evaluation reports. Email Management and Live Chat capabilities give users quick and easy secure access to verify HR cases, policies, procedures and forms status – from virtually anywhere.

The flexibility and scalability of Neocase HR make it easy to create and customize an HR Shared Services solution that meets an organization’s needs. So now, the power to build a world-class HR Service Center – and automate and manage end-to-end HR processes – is within an organization’s grasp.