TripAdvisor. OpenTable. Human Resources Portal?

What if Online Human Resources Displays were Fun & Informative too?

A portal providing information is only useful if the audience it is meant to serve actually logs in and uses it. Have you noticed that when you’re online – you could be doing basically the same type of perusing – but when it’s for a leisure-time activity versus a business activity – time passes more quickly and the enjoyment is much higher? But what if your interaction with human resources at work could be more engaging, informative and actually a pleasure to peruse? It can be when personalized and delivered via an HR Shared Services Portal

We all have our favorite online sites to get information, make plans, shop and more. As an explorer, I know that for me TripAdvisor and OpenTable have become my go to sites for reviews by travelers as I search the options for dining, lodging and sightseeing. And you can add your own employer’s HR Portal as a way to communicate, and even collaborate, at work – especially if the display offers an integrated combination of company news, benefits, outings and more – personalized to each individual.

Of course, when you first start with a new firm, HR is all about the forms, policies and procedures – and getting these processed and filed. And unfortunately, for a lot of organizations, that’s where HR begins and ends except for possibly the occasional policy update or review. More forward thinking companies however, are realizing that HR can be a pivotal resource in the strategic growth of the firm; and ongoing employee/company relationships, that engage and retain the best and brightest employees, are crucial to the sustained health of the organization.

Launching a user-friendly HR Portal offers the ‘one stop’ where employees find everything they need (and want) to know about the company – in an intuitive, interesting and personalized display. Upon log in, the portal should display any useful data unique to the individual accessing (benefits, accrued time off, etc.) – as well as a wide variety of other company information and links such as company outings, local sponsored events, local business agreements, FAQs and more. Making the HR site both informative and fun provides employees with a better feeling that their employer cares about them – and gives opportunities for employees to sign up for activities and network and socialize together.

An interactive and intuitive HR Portal provides both employers and employees with a dedicated and valuable resource to promote both corporate and social responsibility. Building a better informational and communication portal helps creatively engage the people who make up an organization, and foster two-way loyalty and trust between the business and the people who make it happen – or as the oft over-used phrase goes – ‘It’s a win-win situation.’