Communication – from Dots & Dashes to Bits and Bytes to Mobile HR Personalized Portals…

Early telegraphic communication wasn’t introduced until 1792, and it wasn’t until 1837 that the first commercial electrical telegraphs were introduced. These predecessors to modern communications transmitted messages over hard wires to dedicated telegraph offices using Morse code. How far we’ve come today with wireless communications technology and the ability to ‘converse’ with almost anyone from almost anywhere – at almost any time – via mobile devices…

The evolution of human communication has, like most technologies, increased in speed throughout the digital age. Companies today are able to leverage technology to help them best serve their industry by adopting targeted solutions created exclusively for their sectors. For instance, in the case of human resources, there are specific solutions to help HR professionals, as well as other managers and executives, to better acquire, retain and manage their employees. And for everyone employed by the firm; these same solutions enable enhanced engagement and consistent communications via Personalized Portals – we call these systems HR Shared Services.

Self-Service Portals provide a personalized experience to whoever logs into the interface based upon their own unique profile. Information, content and tools displayed are directly relevant to the employee – based upon their profile and role in the firm – making for an engaging and productive experience. But aside from displaying information, the portal provides powerful methods of corporate communication including Email Management, Live Chat and Survey modules – all designed to improve the channels of communication.

Automated Email Management ensures high-quality, timely and consistent communication; including the capturing, processing and routing of correspondence, and in an HR sense is mission-critical for case handling and resolution. Efficiently processing email can have a significant effect in HR service delivery – improving productivity, case management, corporate communications and morale.

Live Chat, integrated with HR service delivery, provides another consistent communications channel – with the added bonus of integration with employee records and case management through the Knowledge Base data repository – for tracking and audit trail functionality. Live Chat provides real-time communications and customer service across the enterprise – and ensures consistent communications between HR professionals, executives, managers and employees.

Satisfaction Surveys are all about increasing employee satisfaction through easy to implement and process online questionnaires designed to solicit feedback – and provide data that may be used to decide courses of action. General Surveys may be designed for distribution to a wide audience, or as case-specific questionnaires destined for a niche group. Trends may be easily spotted and insight gathered via HR Shared Services Surveys.

Human kind’s myriad methods of communicating all really boil down to one thing – language. Or, as stated in the column, ‘History of Communication,’ where at one time town criers would shout news about the village, “The history of communication is mankind’s search for ways to improve upon shouting.”