HR Anywhere You Are – Neocase HR in the Cloud

Cloud computing or “the Cloud” has become the technology du jour – and while still at an early stage – it is very much in demand.

Software as a Service (SaaS) providers in particular have embraced this technology as a means to deliver applications to customers via the Internet. The Cloud has been a boon to both providers delivering applications to thousands of customers using a cost-effective multitenant architecture (running a single instance of software on a remote server serving multiple organizations or tenants); while for the customers, this solution means no up-front investment in servers or software licensing.

Neocase HR’s Integration Cloud module for human resources Shared Services, harnesses the power of Cloud Computing, enabling integration of a variety of third party HR systems through supported server-based data integration. So no matter where existing human resources information resides, Neocase’s Integration Cloud accesses and leverages the information needed for managers and employees. Manual data entry is eliminated as well – saving time, increasing accuracy and enhancing engagement by displaying pertinent information via a personalized interface portal – from anywhere.

HR data changes constantly, as new data is collected through electronic Smart Forms (and other input), it is securely integrated into the Cloud, and delivered directly to the appropriate third-party system via the Integration Cloud’s Enterprise Service Bus connectors (ESB). Information may be instantly accessed from within the Neocase Customer User Interface Integration functionality – providing managers and HR professionals with powerful employee information and reporting capabilities at their fingertips.

Current and pertinent personalized information may be accessed anywhere securely and easily as the Integration Cloud supports server-based data integration, to keep information up-to-date, and user interface “screen-within-a-screen” integration – delivering all third-party stored data into one intuitive and personalized display.

The powerful capabilities of Neocase’s Integration Cloud to integrate disparate third party systems and keep HR data current; empower an organization’s HR professionals, managers and employees – enhancing productivity and employee engagement all while minimizing manual processes – that’s Neocase HR in the Cloud.