Neocase HR – Integrated, Scalable & Flexible – Oh, My!

Like the employees they assist, human resources solutions are multi-faceted systems designed to aid both the company and its employees – to operate smoothly.

All too often as an organization grows however, disparate HR systems purchased throughout various stages of growth, are integrated together with mixed results. What is needed is an HR Shared Services Solution, the modules of which seamlessly operate together while integrating a firm’s existing HR data. This technology does exist – we call it Neocase HR.

HR departments have evolved from the administrative-based functionality of the past into strategic organizations counted upon to help lead today’s technically advanced firms. In order to accomplish this, HR professionals must perform day-to-day tasks more efficiently and cost effectively and often with fewer resources. By leveraging an HR Shared Services Solution, organizations are able to optimize HR processes and thereby reduce operational costs and enhance employee satisfaction.

Neocase HR is a scalable and flexible shared services suite designed to grow with an organization. The ten Neocase HR modules integrate to provide an end-to-end HR System to comprehensively handle all a firm’s HR tasks. Moreover, Neocase HR integrates with existing data and other platforms such as SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft – to automate and streamline those processes as well.

The challenges of building a world-class HR Shared Services organization can be uniquely addressed using Neocase HR. Neocase HR is delivered in the Cloud and developed to automate and manage end-to-end HR processes. Neocase HR provides multi-tier HR service delivery to enable critical functionality to each level within the organization. From self-service portal capabilities for employees and managers; to in-depth case histories for HR Agents and Subject Matter Experts – Neocase HR is designed to meet the challenge.

Neocase HR gives firms significant organizational efficiency and effectiveness for their HR Service Delivery through a series of modules – developed to work seamlessly with one another – and provide the right software toolset for the right task:

In forthcoming columns, we’ll highlight the specifics of each of these modules – stay tuned!