HR Shared Services – a Fresh Approach for a Better Workplace

Through such things as art, cuisine, literature and travel – we’re constantly reinventing ourselves – looking for new experiences and ways to enrich our lives.

Shouldn’t the same ideas hold true in our processes at the office as well? For instance, updating and innovating the methods we use to handle human resources administrative tasks can breathe new life into these practices – transforming them from a chore into an asset for both the employees and the organization…

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘fresh approach’ with synonyms including: new, recent, latest, up-to-date, modern, modernistic, ultramodern, newfangled, novel, different, innovative, unusual, unconventional, unorthodox, radical, and revolutionary. (Whew!) Looking at things from a new perspective, and initiating a new method to accomplish potentially mundane tasks; thereby reaching goals more quickly and easily – can unveil new, better and more engaging ways to get things done.

A fresh approach can not only greatly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of HR administrative processes, but can also have subsequent positive psychological effects on the employees as well. Forward-looking companies that invest in up-to-date technology demonstrate to their employees that they have a vested interest in the long-term success of the firm and its people. Ongoing acquisitions of new technology can have the result of improvements in company trust and morale; with subsequent effects of increased productivity and ongoing feelings of good will towards the company.

Companies using an HR Shared Services Center to provide their employees with easily accessible and processed human resources forms, policies and procedures – along with a host of other benefits including displaying current company news and events and benefits information, as well as providing myriad ways to keep up-to-date and get involved with their colleagues – are showing their employees that they care. Rather than standing pat using older (and potentially outdated methods) – progressive firms are seeking out new ways to engage and satisfy their employees – in an effort to create a better workplace for all.

Employees, who feel that the company cares about them and their corporate well-being, are more likely to return those feelings of good will through better morale and productivity – as well as through higher rates of retention – as people who like their jobs and company – generally tend to stay. The unique, personalized portal provided to each individual empowers them to keep up with their careers through ongoing interaction with both the company, and their colleagues. This modern HR service delivery model truly provides a fresh approach to workplace interaction and communication – for a better, more engaging – and hopefully a richer – work experience.