“It’s All About Me” – a Truly Personalized HR Portal

Some years ago, as the digital age began to evolve and computers started serving a larger audience; one of the challenges was (and continues to be) how to best serve people as individuals and cater to their unique needs; rather than try to have the same approach for everyone.

At the same time, companies also want to try and realize the benefits of economies of scale whereby cost advantages are realized through increases in output – making more of the same item at a lower unit cost. The answer to this conundrum – mass customization – integrating flexible computer processes into manufacturing systems to produce custom output. This solution combines the low unit costs of mass production with the flexibility of individual customization.

In the world of human resource service delivery, these same principles may be applied, and when used effectively provide employees with personalized service delivery tailored to meet their unique needs. A comprehensive HR Shared Services system will address the principles of mass customization beginning with the data gathered in the Personalized Knowledge Base through information delivered via the Enterprise Portal and through every step in the process in between. The technology behind the scenes, providing critical processes such as Business Intelligence and Case Management features and functionality, all work together to streamline human resources services and automate the delivery of HR forms and information to employees.

Today, the Internet has given us instant information available at any time and from virtually anywhere. Technology providers have strived to keep up with, and improve upon, this data flow by not only providing quick access to data – but delivery of the right data – directly relevant to the individual receiving it. HR Shared Services providers are at the forefront of this revolution; ensuring that their solutions give their clients – and in turn their clients’ employees – a personalized portal from which they can keep abreast of the latest news and events about their employer. The vast volume of information available online at the click of a button makes it even more crucial for a firm to deliver a targeted and personalized data stream to continually engage and inform its employees.

Tailoring the delivery of information to individual users’ characteristics and preferences via an HR Shared Services system enhances employee experience and engagement; and goes a long way toward helping a firm establish and strengthen strong relationships with employees. HR Shared Systems also help create open lines of communication between employers and employees, helping meet the needs of both parties through the sharing of information and easy access to that information online from almost anywhere.