Mapping Tools & Dashboard Displays – Driving HR Forward

High-Performance End-to-End Business Process Management

Much the same way that all the parts of a car must function together to ensure a smooth ride – so too do the pieces of the human resources process. HR is responsible for the finding, hiring and retaining of professional executives and experienced workers – and this process can be made much easier when running on all cylinders by using an HR Shared Service solution and the tools and technology it provides.

The role HR plays in today’s organizations has changed over the years – evolving from an administrative task-driven one to a more strategic part of a firm’s successful growth and ongoing well being. Employees in today’s competitive environment are demanding more and more from their employers – and HR departments are adapting to address their needs through innovative HR Shared Services systems that empower workers to play a part in their own engagement with a company.

Delivering high-quality HR services to both HR professionals and employees through an intuitive self-service portal is crucial to the success of an HR Shared Services solution. Personalized dashboard interfaces that provide content unique to each individual makes for better engaged and more productive HR experiences. And for businesses, a scalable and flexible HR services center can reduce operating costs, enhance employee satisfaction and optimize HR processes.

An end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) system integrated with an HR Shared Services system gives HR professionals the tools to design, test, publish and analyze intricate HR processes; building a visual process map through an easy-to-follow drag-and-drop interface. The mapping tool helps automate HR forms-driven processes such as hiring, benefits enrolment, terminations, performance management and other employee requests – and provides comprehensive reporting as well.

Dashboard interfaces provide real-time monitoring and display of the HR processes within the BPM. HR professionals and other managers may access a wealth of underlying data by clicking through graphics to access records and generate performance analysis reports. These reports measure HR processes against Key Performance Indicators to help with decision making and improve and optimize HR processes.

An advanced BPM system leveraged with an HR Shared Services solution empowers human resources professionals and corporate managers to better engage and motivate their employees through access to real-time performance information and reporting. Shouldn't your firm take one for a test drive?