Rev Up Your HR with Powerful Shared Services

In much the same way that a car’s computer is the technology behind the scenes, driving an automobile’s power and capabilities; so too is an HR Shared Services System the driving force behind automated and streamlined human resources service delivery; providing greater efficiency and effectiveness. Prior to technological integration into automobiles; mechanics were called upon to service cars. Today, ‘auto mechanics have evolved into auto technicians’ and schools like the United Technical Institute provide the skills to make this transition happen.


Let’s take a look at the tools helping human resources professionals evolve from the mostly administrative task-based functions of yore, to the automated service delivery model of today. HR professionals use HR Shared Services systems with their integrated modules that work together to provide a better way for companies to service their workforce:

End-to-End Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Intelligence – the tools to configure the system to your organization’s unique requirements and ensure they are working as planned though real-time analysis. The BPM’s advanced process builder makes it easy to design and build HR services your way through drag-and-drop mapping tools; while the intelligence tools provide analysis and reporting of HR service delivery.


Self-Service Portal – the dashboard of HR Shared Services – designed to be the ‘heads up’ display for employers and employees, the portal delivers efficient and productive insight into company information and policies and direct access to the tools needed to communicate throughout the enterprise – all from a single access point to all resources. Also available via the portal are a number of corporate communications options including: Email Management, Live Chat and Satisfaction Surveys.


Personalized Knowledge Base – the engine driving personalized content delivery, employee engagement and productivity; this module contains a recommendation engine that automates the repository search process – delivering employee-centric data – matching the right content to the right employee.


Integration Cloud – the shared services system, as well as corresponding company and employee data, reside in a secure SaaS environment; ensuring that accurate, up-to-date information is accessible and providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution than traditional software can provide.


In the past, building global human resources shared services system would have been a daunting task. However, today’s HR professionals, managers, executives and employees have the power of dedicated Shared Services Solutions – specifically designed to help them address the HR wants and needs of their workforce – now and into the future.