Which Office Superhero are You? (Take the quiz…)

The Dark Knight & Other Personalities at Work…

Leonard: Do you really need the Honorary Justice League of America Membership card?

Sheldon: It’s been in every wallet I owned since I was five.

Leonard: Why?

Sheldon: It says keep this on your person at all times. It’s right here under Batman’s signature.

From The Big Bang Theory

If you want something accomplished – ask a busy person. Every workplace has them – the people who seem to get things done no matter how busy they are. We rely on them to assist us during the workday; be it with help and support, or creative input – offering new approaches to address and solve the many corporate challenges…

These ‘superheroes’ come in a variety of personalities and temperaments – but the one thing they have in common is their ability to help others. You too may be one of them – the go-to-person in one facet or another – assisting your colleagues with their workplace endeavors. In fact, office superstore Staple’s has created a quiz to help you identify which office superhero you may be behind your secret identity.

Just as all of us in the real world have personality types, so too do the superheroes created for our enjoyment. Plenty of folks out there identify with one of these characters or another, or possibly see a combination of traits in themselves. For instance:

Are you a problem solving loner that likes to take into account all the variables of a situation through careful research, logic and precision? Are you a cerebral person of action who likes to create a logical plan of action, and is prepared for almost any eventuality? If you’re inventive in your approach – and single-minded and focused on seeing the situation through to the end, then you’re Batman.

Do you focus on the good in others, fight against injustice, focus on inner versus physical strength and believe in peace, love and gender equality? Do you try to help others by leading through example and help others overcome their weaknesses? If this sounds like you – you’re Wonder Woman

If you’re an outgoing, talkative person who loves to be recognized for their accomplishments – and loves the spotlight – You’re Iron Man. An impulsive leader-type, Iron Man is a bit cocky (but loveable) and tries to make everything fun. While not a great listener, he loses interest quickly in the mundane, Iron Man types certainly liven up the party.

Are you a quiet leader-type who draws people out with your patient powerful presence? Do you tend to resolve conflict rather than initiate it? Are you even-tempered and tend to care about others and their feelings? Is your calm leadership a positive influence in dealings with others? Then you’re Professor X.

No matter which office/superhero you relate to – remember to use your powers for good rather than evil. Now, get back to work!