Introducing New Skills into Neocase HR: Drag and Drop for Agents

This new feature will make you say, "Cool!"

Let's take a quick tour of Drag & Drop for Agents and see how it works.

Our new drag and drop feature makes the interface more enjoyable and easier to use. With this new functionality, you can now move your documents from one view to another using a graphical drag and drop gesture.

Select your documents from your folder and simply add them to your portal by using the drag and drop new feature.


You Want to Add One Or More Documents? 😱
No Problem.

We understand that you face instances where you need to add documents in bulk directly into your cases. If this situation occurs you won’t need to select each file or document individually. Simply add them into your folder and drag and drop them into your case.

A grey, transparent zone will appear when you are in the drag and drop zone.

👉This is how it'll  look like:


Once you drop your document a green notification, like the one below, will appear instantly in order to notify you that your document has been uploaded successfully:



Less Clicks = More Time! 🔥

Now you'll be able to add your documents in most common used formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, PNG, JPEG, and so on. Here are some document types that are not accepted: EXE, EPS. 


Can't get enough of this new feature? See it in action:



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Can't wait to upgrade? We get it. It's pretty exciting.

Reach out to your Sales Rep or Customer Success Manager to upgrade sooner to Neocase HR version 16!