Introducing Neo: Our Brand New Chat bot Directly Integrated on MS Teams

Neocase Service Bot for HR 

Today's employees deserve the same conveniences at work that they enjoy in their lives as consumers.


“Neo,” the AI-powered chat bot from Neocase Software enables a better employee experience and more strategic value from HR.



Learn how Neo can be helpful for your employees and HR:


✅ Would you like to increase your HR Productivity?

Our Chat bot is here to help your HR teams with daily requests from employees. Stop wasting time with work that doesn't bring value for your business and spend time on initiatives that drive employee engagement.


✅ And why not leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Why would you say no to that? Let Neo understand, respond to your employees using answers from the Knowledge Base or create and update cases.

✅ Offer a more Convenient Employee Experience
Your employees will be able to chat with our Chatbot - Neo, while working in MS Teams! Cool right?


Have a full tour: 🔥



Neo delivers the following capabilities to create a more convenient employee experience, while enabling HR to dedicate more time to high-value work.


Knowledge Base Integration

Learn more about our Knowledge Base Module here 👉

Your employees will be able to have their answer directly from MS Teams. They'll instantly receive the 3 most relevant articles based on their request. Then they'll be able to confirm that their question has been answered, or they can see more articles, create a new case or chat live with and HR representative


Case Management Integration

Your employees will be able to create a case directly through Teams, and provide information about an In-progress case or simply update it. 

Learn more about our Case Management Module here  👉

Our Chat Bot is also available on Slack!


See other amazing features released on Neocase version 16 here:


Can't wait to upgrade? We get it. It's pretty exciting.

Reach out to your Sales Rep or Customer Success Manager to upgrade sooner to Neocase HR version 16!