New Languages Available on Neocase

Multi-lingual capabilities simplify communication for HR on a global scale🌎

At Neocase, we understand the complexities that HR professionals may face when operating on a global scale. The HR department needs to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with employees, especially when you have people from different countries, speaking different languages, working on different time zones.

HR has struggled to efficiently manage administrative tasks and the influx of employee questions. In fact, 80% of HR is dedicated to doing just this. While they allocate time on those tasks they miss out on focusing on managing human capital, such as career mobility, training, etc.

The best practice when addressing this issue is to utilize the shared service center. Depending on the needs and size of a company, they may have one center per country or one per region.

The biggest challenge that goes along with that is employee communication. And what's even more important is providing a multilingual HR technology via an employee portal with a multi-lingual Knowledge Base. This helps create an employee-centric experience within the platform.

For global companies, multi-lingual capabilities are a must. There are 2 dimensions to that need that we'll explore. The first is communicating in the proper language. The second is customizing those HR policies to the local environment of the employee. The personalization of the answer, both in language and location, are key to the employee experience.

Personalization is powerful when it comes to HR global communication. The Portal, Knowledge Base and Chat should all be accessible in the employee's language with personalized content.

To accommodate our multi-national clients, Neocase offers 23 different languages and counting. In fact, we just made 3 new languages available this past year and we'll continue to add more down the road. 💪


What's New?

🔥 You'll be excited to learn that we have added Traditional Chinese, Korean and Thai to our long list of languages.

See below for a complete list of additional languages that Neocase offers:

Arabic Dutch
Czech Polish
German Portuguese
English Brazilian Portuguese
Spanish Romanian
Mexican Spanish Russian
French Canadian Slovak
French Thai
Hungarian Turkish
Italian Chinese (Simplified)
Japanese Chinese (Traditional)
Korean -

Multi-lingual HR processes made easy!

Not only do we offer a variety of languages, there's also Business Process Automations that can help to ease the communication process between HR and employees.

Just imagine introducing your new hire, Nancy, to your organization's culture and policies. In this case, Nancy is based out of Poland and her first language is Polish. Nancy's new company has headquarters the U.S. and the HR department's primary language is English.


Will communicating with HR be a problem for Nancy? Not at all!

She can comfortably use the HR portal in Polish. The HR Portal is translated and personalized to the employee's role within the organization and their preferred language, which can be based on location.

So not only is language no longer a barrier, but Nancy is able to get the right information that's relevant to her. This is just another way to promote an employee-centric experience.

Thanks to our wide array of language options you're able to communicate without any hiccups.

Global human resource processes like this become simple when you combine business process automations with our vast language offerings. 


What's coming up?

In 2021 Neocase will launch automatic translation. This will allow employees and HR to chat in their own language in real time. For instance, an employee who speaks Korean can communicate with an HR agent in India, each in their own language.

The employee can ask their question in Korean and it will be translated to the agent's language in real time. The agent can then respond in their language and the employee will see the response in Korean, their preferred language. Pretty neat, right?!


Stay tuned as we continue to add more languages!