Transforming HR Employee Support at The Access Group with Neocase

At The Access Group, ensuring employees receive exceptional support is a top priority. To achieve this, Neocase, internally known as Access Assist, has been integrated into their operations. This powerful tool allows employees to easily raise any HR requests, ensuring smooth and efficient processes throughout the employee lifecycle.

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  1. Seemless Employee Lifecycle Support

  2. Efficient Workload Management

  3. Data-Driven Improvements

  4. Global Expansion and Integration

  5. Enhancing Efficiency with Self-Service

  6. Measuring Success with Analytics

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Seemless Employee Lifecycle Support

The dedicated team at The Access Group supports employees from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between. Harriet, an Employee Success Assistant, shares, Neocase has helped us improve our processes. Previously, we struggled with time efficiency and prioritizing workload. Now, with Neocase, setting service level agreements (SLAs) and prioritizing tasks has become much easier. We can respond to employees efficiently and in a timely manner.”

Efficient Workload Management

Neocase enables the team to view cases easily, prioritize them effectively, and respond to employees promptly. “We can see the cases, the order they're coming in, and prioritize accordingly,” Harriet explains. This organized approach has led to positive feedback from employees, who appreciate the streamlined and responsive process.

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Data-Driven Improvements

One of the significant advantages of Neocase is its ability to provide insightful data. “With the data side of Neocase, we can identify common trends and the number of cases we receive on certain topics. This helps us build better process cycles and continuously improve our services,” Harriet notes.

Global Expansion and Integration

Neocase supports The Access Group's shared service operations effectively, enabling them to focus on critical areas for employees. Naomi Whitaker, Head of Employee Platforms, highlights the strong relationship between PeopleXD and Neocase, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness and speedy implementation of the system. The integrations were really effective, making it easy to use. Currently, we serve 3,900 employees in the UK and Ireland, with plans to expand to over 6,200 employees globally, including APAC and EMEA regions.”

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Enhancing Efficiency with Self-Service

One of the remarkable features of Neocase is its self-service capability. “80% of frequently asked questions can be answered by employees or leaders themselves,” says Harriet. This allows the team to focus on more complex queries and actions, rather than repeating the same information.

Measuring Success with Analytics

Neocase's analytics capabilities are invaluable in measuring success. “We can track the number of cases, team performance in closing cases, and the speed of resolution,” Harriet shares. The ability to organize workloads, analyze data, and react quickly to organizational changes is particularly exciting.

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Neocase has transformed how The Access Group supports their employees. By streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and providing valuable insights through data, Neocase has become an indispensable tool for their HR operations. As The Access Group continues to expand globally, Neocase will play a crucial role in supporting their growing workforce and ensuring high employee satisfaction.

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