Webinar Replay: Reporting 101 with Neocase

📈Dive into Reporting and Analytics for HR

Reporting tools are a must-have for HR these days. However, creating a data-driven culture is a hurdle for many HR organizations. "Despite advances in technology, many HR groups still struggle to produce accurate and timely insights from their people data," (SHRM). Solving this starts with having the right HR service delivery solutions.
Human Resources can lean into reporting and analytics tools with Neocase in order to organize data and tell a story from the results. With 34 KPIs and 50+ pre-built reports, you will be well-equipped to continuously improve your Shared Service Center's performance. Our reports are designed to measure what matters most in an HR service center. That way, you know where to focus your efforts and achieve continuous improvement.
The right reporting software will help drive decision-making and improve the employee experience. Our solution offers real-time dashboards, preconfigured reports, custom reports, and Advanced Business Intelligence features.

Interested in learning more about Neocase's reporting tools?

▶️ Stay tuned because in our latest webinar we dive deeper into reporting and explore how to deliver maximum impact with every initiative. 
At this webinar, Reporting 101 with Neocase, we run through a high-level review on how to use the reporting tools. We did a demonstration on the value they provide for your HR organization. Our expert speakers led an engaging discussion on the following...
  • The basics of utilizing reports
  • Understand the power of reporting with real examples
  • Creating Analytics with Advanced Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Live Q+A


The Value of HR Reporting & Analytics

After watching the webinar replay you'll have a full understanding on the value of HR reporting. You'll get to see the standard reports that will help to provide insight on your Shared Service Center. You'll see first-hand how to build a strategy based on goal setting and milestones. We also show you how this will help you evolve your shared service center and improve the employee experience. 
During our reporting demonstration, you will get a glimpse of the required agent role/ security permissions, the analytics dashboard, and the standard report topics.
🔥 To cap it all off, we answered the burning question: What if none of the standard reports work for me?
That's where Advanced Business Intelligence comes into play. You can create custom reports to fit your needs and become more flexible in your data analysis. Not only that, but Advance BI is also compatible with third-party reporting tools such as Excel, Tableau, Report Builder, and more.

Benefits of Advanced Business Intelligence 

Advanced Business Intelligence is beneficial for HR because it includes real-time data. It also has the ability to connect with other data sources and you can utilize Power BI to dig deeper into your data. 
Sounds pretty great, right? If you want to learn more about Neocase's reporting capabilities then watch the webinar replay below. Or contact us and one of our experts can demonstrate how our solutions can be of benefit to your HR organization.

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