Artificial Intelligence and HR Application: How Neocase Combines Innovation and Caution

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a groundbreaking innovation that's changing the game. You've probably noticed AI's impact: it's transforming society in exciting ways. Neocase is at the forefront of this shift, offering digitized HR solutions that incorporate AI.


Since spring 2023, we've introduced our first application with an AI-powered Knowledge Base. This tool uses Natural Language Search, allowing employees to search using everyday language. The AI understands the context of their questions and suggests the most relevant articles from our Knowledge Base, making it easier for employees to find answers.


HR is a critical area with high risks.

Even before ChatGPT was publicly launched, experts were cautioning about the dangers of applying AI in HR. The upcoming AI Act, effective May 2024, classifies HR as high-risk due to confirmed cases of biases and discrimination. At Neocase, we take this responsibility very seriously. We've implemented safeguards to prevent the dissemination of false information. Our AI suggests articles from the Knowledge Base, empowering employees to verify the information themselves. We prioritize responsible risk management to ensure the quality of our results. 

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Navigating the Challenges of AI 

Generative AI, which can create original content, presents unique challenges. In HR, organizations can benefit from chatbots that provide autonomous responses to employee queries. Neocase is exploring this technology with caution, understanding the potential risks involved. 


Meeting Expectations Safely 

When using generative AI to respond to employee queries, there's a risk of providing inaccurate information. Our tests have shown this to be a real concern. To mitigate this risk, our chatbot offers simplified responses, directing users to relevant articles in the Knowledge Base for detailed information. 

For HR professionals using manager portals, generative AI can provide detailed responses, saving time. However, these responses undergo manual validation to ensure accuracy before being shared with employees. 

This cautious approach extends to other AI functionalities, such as automatic processing of HR documents. Managers verify AI-generated results before integrating them into the HRIS. 

By prioritizing caution alongside innovation, Neocase offers solutions that streamline HR operations while minimizing the risk for organizations. 

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