AXA Partners' HR Digital Transformation with Neocase: Challenges, Solutions, and Progress

As a major international player, AXA Partners is a cross-functional entity within AXA that provides a wide range of solutions in essential areas such as assistance, travel insurance, and credit protection. The company stands out by implementing innovative solutions devised by the AXA Innovation unit.

With a team of over 9,000 employees, AXA Partners caters to the needs of businesses worldwide, aiming to enhance their customer experience at any given moment. Committed to the well-being and development of its teams, AXA Partners actively pursues the valuation of expertise and diversity among its employees. To achieve this goal, the company sought to create a shared HR services function capable of supporting strong overall growth while adapting to local needs. 

Axa Partners digitized employee documentation onboarding preboarding and employee requests with Neocase

A complex and Diverse Organization

Arising from a 2015 merger, AXA Partners is organized in a both transverse and matrix structure, blending classical functional structure and project-based organization. With 50 legal entities spread across 24 countries and a workforce of 9,000, the company encompasses a diverse range of profiles and covered activities. In a continuous pursuit of progress and improvement, the company invests in solutions capable of supporting its transformation and organizational complexity. The administrative management of human resources relies on a mix of a global HR Shared Services Center and local teams, dividing tasks based on employees' workplace and the subject matter at hand. 

HR Challenges: Towards a Comprehensive Transformation

In 2020, AXA Partners faced several operational HR challenges: 

  • Managing employee HR documents' compliance in a historically decentralized context, especially in document purging. 
  • Facilitating internal audits related to employee HR documents using secure and shared tools. 
  • Digitizing employee journeys to standardize processes while respecting local specificities. 
  • Dealing with general employee requests on HR topics, mostly arriving via email to local teams, representing a heavy and hard-to-measure administrative burden. 
  • Accessing data related to HR administrative activity (in terms of volumes, geographical origin, and scope) for strategic workforce planning. 
  • Achieving overall improvement in HR performance through the automation and digitization of employee HR requests. 

In the same year, AXA Partners chose the Neocase HR solution to address these HR challenges and achieve: 

Axa Partners is transforming the management of its employee requests using Neocase
  • Increased productivity in handling routine HR operations. 
  • A unified and satisfactory employee experience
  • Systematic legal and regulatory compliance. 


The Solution: Neocase HR - Catalyst for Change 

Within a few months, the solution was deployed in 12 countries, expanding to 24 countries in 2023. Currently, 8,000 AXA Partners employees use the Neocase solution daily. 

The Case Management module automatically distributes employee queries to local teams or the Shared Services Center based on geographical and thematic criteria. Overall activity is measured, and reports can be generated and shared weekly among various service departments through the Neocase API, facilitating strategic decision-making. Employees now receive responses within 48 hours, significantly improving the employee experience. 

The Document Management module enabled AXA Partners to automate purge rules and facilitate internal audits on employee HR documents. The automatic generation of advanced documents, such as employment contracts, is underway, within the complex context of a multi-country organization. 

Employee journeys are now managed globally by Neocase, addressing local and regional needs from the validation of a candidate. Integration with an ATS application centralizes data in the HCM, and integration with an electronic signature provider accelerates administrative processing times. Local regulations are consistently adhered to, and preboarding journeys are tailored to the practices of each territory. In the United States, for example, HR does not issue employment contracts if the offer proposal has not been signed at the beginning of the procedure. 

This hyper-personalization is made possible by the BPM module, which offers great flexibility in editing internal HR processes. By having control over the process editor, AXA Partners' HR services are autonomous in digitizing and customizing their processes. 

Progress and Next Steps: Towards a Promising Future 

With Neocase HR, AXA Partners has taken a decisive step in its HR digital transformation. However, the company does not plan to stop there. Future developments include the digitization of exit interviews and the automation of the most frequent employee requests, aiming to further improve operational efficiency and the employee experience. 

In partnership with Neocase, AXA Partners continues to innovate and push boundaries, ensuring a promising future where operational efficiency and employee well-being remain at the core of every initiative. 

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