HR best practices for addressing employee questions - The Fosway podcast - Episode 3

This article is based on our latest podcast 👇

In this Fosway Analysis Podcast Series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst at Fosway, on several current HR topics such as Employee Journey, HR documents, Employee Requests and Employee Relations. 

This episode highlights the importance to help HR address Employee questions in a efficient and timely-manner.

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👉 The Fosway podcast - Episode 3: How to answer employee questions 👈



What is your advice to HR teams to help them reduce employee questions time and allow more time and resources for strategic activities?


HR gets asked questions all day long

"There are technology solutions that help HR deal with this, which became more and more popular during the pandemic because everything had to go digital. It makes sense because you can work with two people on the team, you can work on the same issue or someone can pick up the slack if you're on vacation or whatever. So it makes sense to have a digital file.

Many small and medium-sized businesses are now looking to professionalize this setup, and our research has found that there is a growing appetite for what we call HR Service Delivery solutions.

The basics include ticket management, case management and some service level agreements. There are sophisticated solutions that can help reduce these delays. It's all about automation.


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Focus on automation

"How can cases be assigned to the right person so that nobody has to look at the queue or you get immediately already a recommendation, maybe even some questions can be deflected? Think about some case deflection strategies so that you don't get the question.

I know people hate reading Knowledge Base articles, but at least if you have something well documented that you can attach to an email that already saves time for HR."


What are the types of inquiries or topics that you get?

"We know that these are usually around pay, payroll or absence, holiday, etc.

If you have simple processes underpinning that where no questions arise in the first place, that's the best way to do it!

Think about a self-service thing as much as you can, giving employees direct access to the data, and payroll,  there are solutions out there that do it not monthly but on a real-time basis.

As you earn money as a worker, as you work weekends or overtime shifts, you get an accurate view of what your payroll is likely going to be. That helps through time payroll and being able to talk to employees in as many channels as possible: email, Microsoft teams, all these channels are very important and don't always force people to look into their HR system. They can get a response elsewhere and many solution providers can answer things “in the flow of work”."


Podcast led by Raphaële Coutant-Roch, Product Marketing Manager at Neocase.
Guest speaker: Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst at Fosway Group.
Discover in this episode why Employee Document Management is such an important topic and how to overpass its complexity and challenges.
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