HR Self-Service Portal – the Window to Effective Company Communication & Insight

As the competition for top talent increases, attracting and keeping the best employees becomes ever more important to the health and growth of an organization. Employees increasingly wish to work for firms that promote open communication, and use technologies that support the sharing of corporate information.

One of the possible ways to help support an environment and culture of open communication is the implementation of an HR Shared Services solution. After a culture of communication has been established, HR Service Delivery systems that give employees a “voice” help to reinforce that culture. A key element for ongoing feedback is configurable satisfaction surveys – to collect, analyze and communicate valuable employee sentiment and insight.

"Your employees have tremendous insight into the inner workings of your company, and the best way to tap into this intelligence is by asking the right questions. In addition to regular team meetings, an automated feedback tool that asks employees relevant questions can prove invaluable for recognizing achievements and identifying challenges," from 'Four Steps For Building A Culture Of Open Communication' by David Hassell is the founder and CEO of 15Five, a web-based employee feedback and alignment solution.

Self-service portals can deliver personalized content at any time, through any device. Employee-specific news and information keep employees abreast of relevant organizational developments. The portal also provides an interactive method to communicate with the organization’s managers and human resources professionals, to address any issues that may be of concern.

"Communication and employee feedback aren’t just methods for getting more work out of people; they’re also vehicles for boosting employee loyalty, building alignment around goals, and increasing productivity. Building a culture of transparent communication will open doors throughout your company and help your entire organization run more efficiently," explains Mr. Hassell.

A self-service employee portal is an ideal tool for supporting communications at a personalized level. “HR leaders looking to increase employee engagement through an improved employee work experience will also look to HR service delivery, HR portal and HR self-service tools that touch all employees in an organization.” – Gartner, ‘Digital Workplaces Create New Demands for HR Service Delivery.’