9.12 million reasons why HR organizations smiled in 2015

Human Resource organizations have it tough, because they have to do a lot of stuff. Strategic stuff, like staffing and succession planning, compensation programs and organizational initiatives. Not to mention Employee Engagement programs.

But then there’s everything else…

Answering employees’ questions about making changes to benefits, re-printing W2’s and tracking leaves of absence. This “everything else” that comprises HR Service Delivery isn’t strategic because it doesn’t help drive revenue, cut costs or increase market share. But it still has to be done. And HR is the one that has to do it.

So with all this work to be done, why are so many HR organizations smiling?

It’s because 9,120,000 times in 2015, they didn’t have to do the “everything else.” They didn’t have to do it, because the employees did it themselves through a Self Service Portal. In fact, a lot of those “everything else” tasks can be accomplished through Self Service…

When employees have questions about making changes to their benefits, they can easily find the answer in the knowledge base in the employee portal, then make the changes right there.

When employees have questions about paid holidays, they can find those answers in the portal too.

When an employee wants to apply for a Leave of Absence, they can also do that in the portal, by using an incredibly easy digital smart form.

The point is this: Each time an employee accomplishes something on their own through self-service, that’s one less time-consuming task that HR has to do. Which means HR can focus more on that important strategic stuff.

Now, you may be wondering how we came up with that 9.12 million number... 

Behind those Employee Portals there are some well-thought-out analytics. And those analytics count things that matter; things like Tier Zero Resolution Rates, and the number of service requests that were avoided; metrics and key performance indicators that help HR understand where they stand with their Transformation initiatives.

So, yes, 9.12 million requests to HR were avoided last year.  We know, because the analytics showed us.

How many service requests did your HR organization avoid last year?

And more important, how many will you avoid this year?  And in 2017?

Will you be among the smiling?

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