Employee Assurances – Make HR Shared Services Your Shining Star…

The Big Dipper - Image Credit & Copyright: Jerry Lodriguss (Catching the Light)

One of the things we’ve come to depend upon are the stars in the night sky. When we were young – the first constellation many of us came to recognize was the Big Dipper – its’ very presence was reassuring. Companies can help assure their employees through the ongoing presence of HR Shared Services

The workforce of an organization wants to feel confident about their company. Trust and integrity between employer and employees needs to be a two-way street built upon a strong foundation of ongoing communication and engagement. And new candidates, when selecting a firm, want to be sure that the environment they’re stepping into has solid management, morale and motivation; but how can these be fostered to nurture and grow?

One of the best ways of two-way communication and ongoing engagement with employees is through the utilization of an HR Shared Services system. These services offer firms with the opportunity to best-address both their current employees needs, as well as potential candidates considerations as they vet the firm for possible employment; helping to attract the best talent.

By streamlining HR service delivery – coupled with built-in communications options and a personalized data display – HR Shared Services give everyone in the organization greater insight, knowledge and satisfaction regarding the firm’s direction, goals and performance.

"There are some companies we look at, admire, and say, “Wow, I really want to work for them.” These companies understand that employees are as important as the paying customers who consume the products and services they sell. And they know that the transparency of social media means the company’s reputation is highly dependent on what its employees say," by Anne Bahr Thompson from 'The Intangible Things Employees Want from Employers.'

“Just as consumers now look to do business with companies that advocate for causes they care about, employees are looking for employers who advocate for them and on their behalf for causes that matter to them. Companies are no longer “just” companies,” Ms. Thompson explains. “Treating employees as customers is not a new idea. However, the difference between human resources and human relationships is significant.”

Service delivery via shared services gives companies the tools and methodologies to maintain consistent high-quality human resources capabilities. These offerings have become a go-to strategy to not only enhance relations between employers and employees - but subsequently help establish and maintain ongoing trust as well. Now that’s what we call star power…