A Hole-in-One with HR Shared Services

In many endeavors in life, there’s a pinnacle of success to be achieved – as in getting a hole in one in golf. Reaching for and attaining one’s goals in any area of life – whether personal or business takes focus and determination – as well as doing one’s homework to ensure success. Implementing an HR Shared Services solution for a company’s human resources helps build a world-class organization that can attract and retain the most talented professionals.

"Shared services are an increasingly common organizational response to creating more efficient service delivery. Costs can be reduced through the economies of scale from centralization of services. Increased customer focus can lead to improved service quality. Technology can offer various routes to user friendly delivery (e.g. call centers, intranets, etc.). Choices, though, have to be made on the nature of the shared services operation and on the relationship between HR and line managers and employees." UK Institute for Employment Studies, 'Report summary: HR Shared Services and the Realignment of HR'

Integrated, scalable and flexible HR Shared Services Center solutions empower an organization to transform its business to reduce operational costs, enhance employee satisfaction, and optimize HR processes. Innovative modules uniquely designed to perform specific tasks, yet work together seamlessly, provide a comprehensive HR Shared Services solution. Modules for Case Management, Business Process Management, Self-Service Portals, as well as a variety of communications tools and feedback processes - provide the features and functionality required by today's firms for cost savings, productivity gains and a competitive advantage.

"What is often overlooked is that there are also many advantages for the staff involved. In coming together, best practice can be shared, leading to better trained and skilled staff. Public sector staff can claim to be setting the standard. Greater job satisfaction can also arise from the opportunities to work within a dedicated team, with more frequent career advancement prospects, and to be closer to the "internal customer". – From ‘Why Shared Services will Benefit Everyone’ by John McKinlay, partner at DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary as posted on ComputerWeekly.com.