HR Service Delivery - Helping Navigate the Information & Communication Maze for New Hires

Starting a new job can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but also a little disconcerting as one navigates the unknowns of a new organization. Getting to know the company’s policies and procedures, as well as the personalities and characteristics of new colleagues takes time and patience. But what if there was a way to help speed up this educational and connection process?

During office hours, the new employee can speak to an HR representative or their manager to get the answers they seek. But 24/7 web access is more convenient for the employee. HR Service Delivery solutions that feature Self-Service Portals provide employees, managers and HR professionals access to company information and their own benefits information; as well as capabilities including, live chat, surveys and HR case management tools.

"Employee self-service features are becoming a trend among companies that wish to streamline their human resources departments and engage their employees in the benefits process. A self-service system -- an online portal to pay stubs, insurance information and handbook and policy access -- provides employees with the ability to review and change their personal information, among other tasks," by Vicki Wright, Demand Media from 'Employee Self-Service Features.'

Of course this technology isn’t reserved exclusively for new employees. Everyone in the workforce benefits in myriad ways from the use of a personalized Portal coupled with streamlined HR processes. From better productivity and time management, to enhanced connectivity with their organization; all accomplished by best leveraging the targeted information and tools people want and need to do their jobs well.

As Ms. Wright says, "Employee self-service features can have an empowering impact on tech-savvy employees. Being able to manage personal information and being engaged in the process makes employees feel as though they are in control of their own benefits. Additionally, employee self-service systems help companies go green by saving on paperwork and hard-copy forms, applications and time sheets. Companies save money through eliminating material costs and reduced wages required for inputting all employee information. Employees find that fewer mistakes are made with their benefits or other information because they are inputting the data themselves."

Good for the employee and good for the company – it’s no wonder that the self-service portal is central to good HR service delivery!