Intuitive HR Shared Services Delivery – Geared to Work with you…

Merriam-Webster defines ‘intuitive’ as “having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence: having or characterized by intuition;” and cites as an example “The controls of an airplane are intuitive. Push to nose down, pull to nose up, turn left, turn right.” As quoted from Stephan Wilkinson, in Popular Science, December 2002.


Traditionally, a great many human resources interactions have involved myriad printed forms – especially when one begins a new job at a company. Not exactly an efficient method to collect and store information – certainly not in our digital age. An HR Shared Services system enhanced with electronic Employee Document Management capabilities securely captures, classifies and archives all documents related to an employee’s tenure with a firm. This information is seamlessly integrated into the delivery of shared services though functionality including Case Management handling and resolution, Personalized Knowledge Base creation and maintenance, and Self-Service Portal access and engagement.


Well-designed technology is also said to be ‘intuitive’ when the use of such is obvious to most users – requiring little or no training to operate – at least at some level of comprehension and usefulness. Or, as PC Magazine describes ‘intuitive software’, “application programs that have a friendly interface and are easy to use. The most common functions are presented in one menu rather than buried in multiple menus with rigid hierarchies that make sense only to the programmer who coded the program.


When employees enter the personalized portal interface of their employer; the company news, events and other information displayed are pertinent directly to them – based upon their personal profiles created via employee document management and stored in the Knowledge Base – and their unique role in the organization. This easy-to-use, dare we say ‘intuitive’ interface; coupled with the flexible nature of this architecture – provides the human resources content and tools (forms, policies, procedures and more) relevant to the role and needs of each individual.


The portal may be accessed at anytime from anywhere via web browser through PCs, tablets and smartphones; and the configurable interface may be personalized for ease-of-use. Using an HR Shared Services system powered with an Enterprise Portal truly provides an intuitive and comprehensive HR Content Management System - for instant access to the company information employees want and need – all targeted directly to them based upon their unique profiles.