If you've ever used an electronic signature, you know how cool it is.

During the course of employment, employees are frequently required to sign documentation. It begins with the job offer (signing the employment contract) and continues throughout employment with IT policies, security policies, HR policies or sales compensation plans.

And this typically is the domain of paper, post and/or email. But recently, forward-thinking organizations have begun utilizing electronic signature solutions to enable documents to be signed anywhere, anytime on any device in a few clicks.

The mutual benefits of eSignature

For those organizations that use eSignature, the benefits include a dramatic improvement in turnaround times. Imagine receiving your employment contract and signing it online, instead of printing it, signing it with a pen, and dropping it in the mail. This time advantage can literally move up a stating date by one to two weeks, by enabling the employee to give their notice to their current employer sooner. After all, nobody gives notice until they have a signed offer from their new employees right?!

The time required of HR resources to administer eSignatures vs. conventional “wet” signatures in significantly less, thus increasing productivity.

Let’s not forget customer experience. As a prospective employee, if you’re on-boarding process is smooth and digitized, you’ll have a more positive impression of your new employer right from start, and this is a key component of employee engagement.

Contract Signature

Neocase Software announces strong integration with DocuSign

These benefits are some of the reasons why Neocase Software last week announced its strong integration with DocuSign, the global standard for eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM).  DocuSign will now be available through Neocase’s BPM (Business Process Management) module to simplify the delivery, signing and approval of documents.

This integration with DocuSign enables electronic signing of multiple documents at once and multiple signatures per document, as part of any business process in Neocase.

According to Mark Register, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Channels at DocuSign, “While there are countless ways to make a strong, positive impression on users, using DocuSign eSignatures is an easy and cost-effective way to create a great experience so they can sign anything, anywhere, anytime, on any device securely.”

DocuSign empowers more than 250,000 companies and more than 100 million users in 188 countries to make every agreement 100% digital. DocuSign is available in 43 languages.

Benefits of the Neocase DocuSign integration feature include:

  • Reduced Time required for HR and Finance agents to complete approvals and agreements.
  • Increased Productivity as electronic signature processes eliminate the time required to print, fax, scan and overnight documents for signature.
  • Improved User Experience through ease of online signing whenever, wherever convenient including mobile.
  • Improved Compliance as every completed document with DocuSign comes with a legally-enforceable audit trail showing who signed what, when and where (when geo-location is enabled).
  • Increased Security over Paper as all documents are encrypted, and a complete audit trail is maintained.

“As we continue to expand our line of product and service offerings within HR and Finance Service Delivery and Shared Services arena, we are pleased to announce our integration with DocuSign. This new integration will further streamline our solutions and help enhance the capabilities of our Digital Document Management (DDM) and Business Process Management (BPM) modules to streamline and optimize our customer’s enterprise-wide Service Delivery,” explained Jerome Menard, CTO of Neocase Software.


(Some of the content in this blog post is from a previous DocuSign blog post)