HRIS Needs More Maestros for End-to-end Automation.

Have you ever experienced a live classical concert?  If so, you probably noticed the conductor, who appeared to be the linchpin that held it all together.

Conducting is the art of directing a musical performance, such as an orchestral or choral concert. The conductor has multiple duties.  They include interpreting the score created by a composer.  And doing it in a manner that reflects specific indications within that score.  The conductor sets the tempo, and ensures correct entries by various members of the ensemble.  Finally, the conductor "shapes" the phrasing where appropriate.

In other words, the conductor coordinates the efforts of these multiple artistic “systems” in real time, so the audience enjoy a seamless performance.

Those conductors who do this well are called “Maestro.

Come to think of it, HR Information Systems can use a Maestro.

Just as they typical orchestra has many components (e.g. strings, woodwind, brass and percussion), the typical HR systems topography contains many disparate systems (e.g. Core HR, Payroll, Recruitment, Talent Management, etc.).

The HRIS Orchestra

Most of these individual systems are used as a ‘system of record’ for its specific domain. For example, the Talent Management system will execute transactions for Talent Management.  Separately, the Payroll system will execute a series of processes so that all employees are paid correctly, and on time.

What’s often missing is that “Conductor” System that can coordinate the transaction of all those other systems, in real time so that each member of the audience (aka “employee) can enjoy a seamless, engaging experience.

The HRIS “Conductor”

Many of our customers, typically operating in shared services and global business services environments, have acknowledged this need (though not explicitly requesting a “Conductor”).  They use the Neocase solution as a ‘system of engagement’, which is layered onto the transactional systems to support and streamline the overall HR Service Delivery.

The Neocase platform acts as the “maestro” to orchestrate their HR Business processes and supplement the standard delivered HR processes when necessary.

HRIS End-to-end Automation

The Business Process Management (BPM) tool connects HR processes that occur in different HRIS systems.  It uses the integration tools of Neocase Connect to provide “End-to-end Automaton.”  For the employees in the audience, this end-to-end automation feels like a comprehensive user experience, where multiple HR transactions become personalized, engaging experiences.

Before the Enchore

So there you have it. A well-orchestrated HR Experience is not that different from a Maestro-lead musical performance.   Both require a conductor to coordinate the execution of multiple parts into a single, seamless performance.  The customers are the beneficiaries, and HR looks good in the process!