Increase the quality of work of your HR agents

Discover 2 new features to increase the quality of work of your HR agents and to personalize new Knowledge Base pages!

Hide time spent on an HR case

At Neocase, work quality and employee well-being are our number one priority.

Why is this important? 🔔

HR agents have pressure at work mainly due to task overload. In order to help them stay on top of their performance and feel good at work, we have released a new tick box to hide the time spent on an HR case.

How it works? 🗝️

In the Settings tab, under Preferences in the General tab, click on “Do not display Time Spent” and that’s it! Easy, right?

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Main results? 📈

Increase your HR agents' well-being at work, by reducing the stress so that they increase their efficiency and performance!


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Agent anonymization in the chat

In the employee portal, employees can use the live chat to ask any question they may have.

Why is this important?🔔

When an HR agent is answering, his name is displayed in the chat. To avoid differences between agents, you can change the name to always display the same name.

How does it work?🗝️

Go to the "Settings tab", then navigate to the "Module section" and "Enterprise Portal". You will be able to manage Chatbot settings and replace the agent’s last name with the name you have decided.

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Main results? 📈

No more differences between your HR agents so your employees have a consistent experience!


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