Optimising HR Operations and Elevating Employee Experience through Accelerated HR Service Delivery

Fosway research shows that 60% of European organisations recognise the importance of HR Service Delivery in disrupting and streamlining their HR operations while enhancing the employee experience.[1]

Irrespective of company size, an easy deployment, flexible configuration, and high-quality HR processes are critical. Especially mid-market organisations are increasingly prioritising the ability to demonstrate value swiftly, particularly now, during economically more challenging times. By accelerating the digitisation of HR, HR Service Delivery holds the potential to reduce friction in case management and enhance the employee experience through personalised portals and an employee-centric knowledge base.

Proactive query resolution and adherence to predefined service levels further contribute to a seamless employee journey across HR products and services. Mid-size enterprises must capitalise on the advantages of HR Service Delivery within weeks, not months.

This blog will explore how organisations can transform the digital employee experience, expedite value demonstration, and foster significantly improved HR interactions. 👇👇



Driving Accelerated Digitisation

To meet the evolving needs of the modern workforce, HR Service Delivery plays a vital role in driving accelerated digitisation. By leveraging next-gen solutions, organisations can optimise their HR operations, implementing seamless and efficient processes.

Next-gen HR Service Delivery solutions cover ticket and response management, survey management, knowledge base management, document management and employee workflow management. By digitising their operations, HR teams gain the agility needed to meet employee expectations and deliver high-quality services.

During the pandemic, HR teams that were further ahead in digitising their own function, were able to cope significantly better and faster than teams that were still relying on paper- or office tools-based processes. And today, virtual and hybrid working requires mid-market and even smaller organisations to digitise as much of their HR operations as possible.

However, they are too small to build large, shared service centers. Instead, they need to handle employee service requests with the same number of HR staff. Therefore, a quick implementation and pre-configured assets contribute considerably to reducing deployment timelines, enabling organisations to realise the benefits of HR Service Delivery within weeks rather than months.


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Enhancing Employee Experience

Fosway research shows that 77% of organisations are prioritising to improve Employee Experience in a world of accelerated and continued disruption.[2]

One of the primary objectives of accelerating HR Service Delivery is to elevate the employee experience. By offering frictionless case management, organisations can efficiently handle employee queries, ensuring prompt resolution and reducing frustration. Modern solutions use automation and artificial intelligence to resolve cases or deflect them before they reach HR. Personalised portals and employee-centric knowledge bases empower individuals to access the information they need, when they need it, enabling self-service and minimising dependency on HR teams further. With predefined service levels, employees can have confidence in consistent and timely support. This focus on enhancing the employee experience fosters a positive work environment, boosting engagement and productivity.

Digitisation through HR Service Delivery transforms the way employees interact with HR. Traditional, time-consuming (oftentimes over-engineered) processes are replaced with efficient, automated workflows that enhance speed and accuracy. Employees can access HR services through chatbots, email, phone or workplace tools like MS Teams and get answers at the moment of need. The digitisation of HR processes also enables proactive problem-solving, leveraging data and analytics to anticipate and address issues before they occur. By optimising HR operations and elevating the digital employee experience, organisations can create a culture of continuous improvement and empower employees to focus on their core responsibilities.

Demonstrating Value Faster

In today's economically uncertain times, organisations face the dual challenge of digital transformation and delivering value swiftly. HR Service Delivery accelerates this process by providing tangible benefits within a short span of time.

By streamlining HR operations, organisations can eliminate redundant tasks, reduce costs, and optimise resource allocation. Accelerating the implementation of HR Service Delivery enables organisations to demonstrate value faster and supports them to showcase the impact on employee experience, as well as financial and overall business outcomes.

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Optimising HR operations and elevating employee experience through accelerated HR Service Delivery is a strategic imperative for organisations. By embracing digitisation, leveraging pre-configured assets, and implementing user-friendly portals, through automation and the use of AI, organisations can streamline their HR operations while enhancing the employee experience. This transformation not only demonstrates value faster but also fosters a positive work culture, driving engagement and productivity. As organisations strive to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape, investing in HR Service Delivery becomes a key differentiator, ensuring success and competitiveness in the modern business world.


Article written by Sven Elbert, July 2023

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