Quick Tips for Building a Smart Knowledge Base

A smart knowledge base is easy to use.

The knowledge base is arguably the single most important success factor for an HR Self Service portal.  The more often the knowledge base is used, the more effective the portal is.

Tools that are easy to use are used more often.

A friend of mine has 15 different corkscrews (at last count).  Hydraulic corkscrews, electric corkscrews and hand-operated corkscrews. Simple corkscrews for under $10 and elaborate designer corkscrews that cost well over $100.  Despite the opportunity to mix things up, she only uses one of the 15 - the one that requires a single hand to operate, with a single push motion.

Tools that are easy to use are used more often.

Simplicity makes the knowledge base easy.

The key to driving higher utilization of the knowledge base is to make it simple for the end user.  The following infogram provides quick and clear advice on how to build an HR knowledge base that your employees will love to use.