7 Ways HR Technology can Speed Transformation


Technology provides the digital lifeblood that enables HR Transformation. The following 7 points are some of the key capabilities which technology empowers.


HR Technology gives your employees a personalized experience.  This is important, because in their lives as consumers, employees have grown accustomed to, and now expect personalization.  You can thank Amazon, Netflix and others for raising the bar.  When employees come to work, they don’t leave their expectations for personalization at home.


In this million-miles-an-hour world of communication, employees also expect answers and solutions faster.  That means a knowledgebase that can answer your question as fast as Siri, and Transaction Automation tools that approve your Leave of Absence as fast as Rocket Mortgage can approve your home loan over your smartphone. Even beyond the employee experience, Fast HR can benefit the company in multiple ways.


Eliminate manual data entry, and eliminate asking the question, if the answer is in the data.  OnLine Smart Forms are how employees want to give you information.  And automated routing is what they expect to happen in the background.  Today’s employees don’t stand still – heck, they don’t think still – and they sure don’t expect a process to stay still, or stall, either.  Use technology and Business Process Management to automate processes, and keep them moving.


It’s not all about the employees – but don’t tell them that.  It’s also about keeping the HR Professionals happy.  And one way to do that is by removing all the dull manual administrative work from their day.  Personalization, Speed and Efficiency (see above) can be the keys to HR’s Happiness.  There’s plenty written about how happy employees make for happy customers.  When the technology keeps HR happy, HR is better able to make its “customers” happy.  And those “customers” keep the other customers happy. Talk about virtuous cycles!

Meet Exceed Expectations.

Employees today are not easily impressed.  And we can thank all those online companies that didn’t exist 10 years ago for raising the bar for those service organizations that did.  Put Service Level Agreements in place, publicize the to set the expectations, them tightly adhere to them so you can beat the expectations.  Become a customer service hero!


A 2016 Gartner Press Release reported eight consecutive quarterly declines in PC shipments. Mobile devices, on the other hand topped 363.2 million shipments in the same quarter, a 1.1 percent increase year-over-year, according to analyst firm IDC.

These trends explain why employees, at a higher rate, are wanting and expecting to access HR resources from their mobile devices.  Access from any device can be expected to increase productivity, and employee engagement.


If you’re already achieving the previous six goals, chances are you’ve transformed considerably.

If you haven’t, follow the advice of David Ulrich.  “It is easier to talk about doing things than doing them. Many of us want to exercise more, eat healthier, be kinder to our loved ones, etc., but unless we have specific milestones about how to do this, our actions will not match our intentions. The HR milestones we lay out offer specific steps along the longer journey to HR transformation.”